private tutoring at Cohasset Learning Studio


Private tutoring for children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or any K-8 student needing academic support.

Cohasset Learning Studio’s teachers specialize in the Structured Literacy approach to teaching reading, spelling, and writing. Our reading specialists are trained in Orton-Gillingham, Wilson, Fundations, Lively Letters, Visualizing and Verbalizing, and/or Handwriting Without Tears. Our math specialists have expertise in designing plans to meet the individualized needs of your child.


K – 8


$90 for each 60 minute session, $75 for each 45 minute session, $50 for each 30 minute session.

We are diagnostic and prescriptive

This means we use both formal and informal assessments along with observation to determine the exact weaknesses and learning needs of each student. Then, we craft individualized lessons to explicitly teach phonics, spelling, and language skills. We are expert teachers who understand the complexities of the English language and can pinpoint and remediate your child’s weaknesses.

Our lessons are both targeted and strategic.

This means we take care to work on the specific skills and concepts that are difficult for each individual student. We do not follow a pre-packaged curriculum or buy into gimmicky educational promises. Rather, we use deliberate methods to remediate persistent error problems and develop fluency with reading and accuracy with spelling.

We understand dyslexia.

The dyslexic learning profile is often misunderstood or ignored in public schools. Learning to read is a complex neurological task. Those with dyslexia face a spectrum of struggles while learning to read and write. We are supportive, nurturing, and effective teachers to those with dyslexia.

Meet the founder

young woman reading to young child at cls

Abigail Sullivan, Ed.D.
Founder of Cohasset Learning Studio, trained in Orton-Gillingham, Fundations, Lindamood-Bell’s LiPS and Visualizing and Verbalizing, and Lively Letters.

Schedule your initial assessment.

Schedule your initial assessment.