We believe in the Science of Reading

Our Mission

We know that reading and learning are hard. But we believe in the science of learning and that every child, at every level, deserves an education plan that helps them confidently excel. Cohasset Learning Studio is the only private tutor and group class studio on the South Shore offering holistic, science-based, long-term learning plans that meet your student wherever they’re at and stay by their side throughout their learning journey.

Our Method

The teachers at the Cohasset Learning Studio are committed to the science of reading. We proudly serve children from 3 years old through 8th grade. We know that learning to read is not a natural process and that some children will experience a significant struggle. It is our mission to lay a strong foundation for reading readiness before children enter kindergarten. The best way to do this is through play, conversation, read alouds, music, phonemic awareness training, and deliberate exposure to print. Yet despite our best efforts and the efforts of parents, up to 20% of children will struggle with learning to read, spell, and write. The teachers at Cohasset Learning Studio know that using the Structured Literacy approach to teaching reading, spelling, and writing will remediate persistent learning problems, including dyslexia.

Our Team

The teachers at Cohasset Learning Studio are committed to furthering our own education. We stay current with reading related research through our membership to the International Dyslexia Association and The Reading League. The field of neuroscience related to reading continues to expand and we want to remain on the forefront.

Dr. Abigail Sullivan, Ed.D.
Founder of Cohasset Learning Studio

  • MA license in reading specialty and elementary education

  • Doctorate from Northeastern University in Curriculum, Teaching, Leading, and Learning

  • Masters from Gordon College in Reading Specialty

  • Bachelors from Gordon College in Elementary Education

  • Currently working as part-time faculty at Gordon College

  • Lives in Cohasset with her family

Amy Stephenson M.Ed.

  • Licensed in special education N-22 and reading specialty
  • Certified in Orton-Gillingham
  • Works full-time as a reading specialist and special education teacher

Brie Casey M.Ed.

  • Licensed in elementary education, special education and applied behavior analysis
  • Trained in Orton-Gillingham, Lively Letters, Handwriting Without Tears, Number tLks, Gifted Education
  • Former K and gr. 2 teacher

Brittany Roeder M.Ed.

  • Licensed in grades 5-8
  • Former gr. 6 teacher

Catherine Hoolihan

Colleen McGowan

Judy Applebaum

  • Certified in Orton-Gillingham

Kate Harwood MAT

  • Licensed in reading specialty and English (gr. 5-12)
  • Trained in Orton-Gillingham

Kim Rothe MS CCC-SPT

  • Licensed speech and language pathologist certified by the American Speech Language & Hearing Association
  • Trained in PECS and AAC
  • Evaluates and treats children in the areas of articulation, language, social pragmatics, and fluency
  • Service provider for Early Intervention

Liz Good M.Ed.

  • Licensed in elementary education and reading specialty
  • Certified in Orton-Gillingham and trained in Fundations and Heggerty
  • Works full time as a K-5 reading specialist

Lorraine Dooley Ed.D

  • Licensed in special education
  • Trained in Orton-Gillingham and Lively Letters
  • Former K and 1st grade teacher; former college writing instructor

Molly Murphy, M. Ed.

  • Licensed in elementary education and special education
  • Trained in Lively Letters
  • Former special education teacher and team chair

Nikki Berg OTR/L

  • Licensed occupational therapist
  • Registered with the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
  • Former out-patient therapist at a clinic for children

Rachael Coppenrath M.Ed.

  • Licensed in early childhood and elementary education
  • Certified in Orton-Gillingham and trained in Project Read
  • Works full time as a reading specialist

Stephanie Motta

Suzanne Filbey

Tricia James M.Ed.

  • Licensed in elementary education
  • Trained in Lively Letters, Fundations, and Handwriting Without Tears
  • Former classroom teacher: preschool, K, 2, and 4

Join Our Team

Interested in joining the Cohasset Learning Studio Team?

We are always looking for skilled, passionate educators who have experience with Structured Literacy.

If you are interested in joining our team, please set up a call with Abigail to learn more!

Success Stories

“Two of my children have had the pleasure of working with “Miss Abigail”. One in a kindergarten readiness group setting and the other in private tutoring lessons. In short, my girls love going to her. She is warm and sweet, creative and fun and best of all, she is an excellent teacher.

My children are excelling and she is always meeting them with new challenges that allow them to take their learning to the next level. Highly recommend!”

Parent of a preK student and 1st grader in Cohasset

“Abigail Sullivan is kind, engaging, and warm hearted. Her small group classes were a great fit for my daughter. Abigail makes reading fun which prepared my daughter for Kindergarten without making it a chore.

We saw improvement in her interest in reading and writing and as a result she is doing great in K. I would highly recommend these groups!

Parent of a kindergarten student in Cohasset

“Learning how to read for our then pre-K aged daughter was made light and fun, and she looked forward to every week! Abigail has a gift and ability to captivate her young audience, keep them interested, eager and wanting to come back for more!!

Fast forward to Kindergarten this year, and my daughters confidence is at an all time high while tackling reading in a classroom setting ! Abigail gave her the tools to not only enjoy the process of learning how to read , but to believe in herself!”

Parent of a kindergarten student in Cohasset

“Abigail was our daughter’s tutor from third to fifth grade. Our daughter has a learning disability and was struggling to keep up with the school curriculum and her peers. From the beginning, Abigail listened to our concerns and focused on areas that our daughter needed the most help with. She worked with us and our daughter’s teachers so that the weekly tutoring sessions reinforced what was being taught in the classroom. Abigail added tools our daughter could use to help her understand what was being taught at school. Abigail is very team-oriented, always willing to work in conjunction with SPED teachers, classroom teachers and parents. Abigail was always very responsive to emails if we ever had any specific questions or concerns.

Our daughter looked forward to her tutoring sessions with Abigail every week. Abigail is a very patient, motivating and dedicated teacher. She would ask our daughter about her interests and then incorporate those interests into weekly lessons so that our daughter would be engaged, passionate and excited about what she was learning.

Abigail did an excellent job in knowing when to push/challenge our daughter or when our daughter needed a “slower paced” session because she was feeling overwhelmed after a long day. Abigail always kept things light and positive.”

Our daughter thrived under Abigail’s guidance, finally meeting grade-level benchmarks and improving her MCAS scores significantly. Abigail gave our daughter the confidence to work more independently and has provided our daughter tools that she will continue to use in years to come!

Parent of a 6th grader in Hingham