Early Childhood Enrichment

Kickstart for Kindergarten

Math and literacy. Our preK friends are invited to join us for a motivating class to prepare them for kindergarten.

This class will adjust to meet the needs of the various students enrolled. Some children will be working on identifying letter names and some will begin to sound out words. All children will have ample opportunities to be exposed to print, play with sound, elevate their oral language, and improve their fine motor skills. Our methods are engaging and developmentally appropriate. Learning is a delight and we will send these learners off to kindergarten eager for more.


4 – 5 Yrs.




$35 for each 60 minute class or $50 for each 90 minute class.

Learning Objectives

  • Concepts of print: book handling, directionality with books/print, noticing individual letters within print, knowing that the story comes from print

  • Oral language: tier 2 vocabulary words taught through Text Talk method

  • Phonological awareness: rhyme, alliteration, sentence segmentation

  • Phonemic awareness: initial sound identification, some final sound identification, some short vowel discrimination

  • Letter knowledge: naming all upper and lowercase letters

  • Writing / drawing: pincer grasp, circle, horizontal lines, vertical lines, plus sign, diagonal lines, color within a shape, correct capital letter formation

  • Decoding (reading): some sounding out of CVC words (cat, dog, etc)

  • Encoding (spelling): some sounding out of words to write at least the first letter in each word

cohasset learning studio library
cohasset learning studio library
cohasset learning studio library

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