Early Childhood Enrichment

Little Learners – Ages 3 to 4

Literacy only. Preschoolers are invited to join us for learning sessions that go beyond a traditional read aloud.

Children will hear a story, dive into the vocabulary we encounter, understand concepts of print, develop phonological awareness, explore letter shapes and names, and enjoy a sensory experience to stimulate motor skills and their imagination. Children will experience a spark of curiosity related to literacy and learning.


3 – 4 Yrs.




$35 for each 60 minute class.

Learning Objectives

  • Concepts of print: book cover, turning pages, looking at the pictures, noticing letters within print, knowing that the story comes from print

  • Phonological awareness: rhyme, alliteration 

  • Phonemic awareness: some initial sound identification 

  • Letter knowledge: naming upper and some lowercase letters, letters of name, letters of family members’ names

  • Writing / drawing: pincer grasp, circle, horizontal lines, vertical lines, plus sign, diagonal lines, color within a shape, some letters

cohasset learning studio library
cohasset learning studio library
cohasset learning studio library

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