Thank you for your interest in private tutoring!

*The initial assessment, written report, and follow-up conversation cost $295.


Set up a call with Dr. Sullivan to discuss your child and learn about our services. Be sure to fill out the questionnaire for background information that you receive in your email after booking your appointment.


During your call, discuss your child’s needs, the goals you have for them, and work with Dr. Sullivan to make a plan specifically goals for your child.


Meet for an assessment* with Dr. Sullivan to receive a written report on her findings, or jump right into tutoring and select a day and time that works for you.

Just looking to schedule an intake consult with Abigail?

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Why an assessment?

Are you concerned about your child’s progress in school this year? Are you getting mixed messages from their teachers in school? Are you seeing signs or a learning disability? Are they reluctant to read to you or complete homework? Are you concerned about learning loss during the pandemic?

An assessment with Dr. Sullivan will help you untangle the behaviors you are seeing and the messaging you are receiving. She is an expert in getting to the essence of a learning problem and pointing parents in the right direction in terms of an intervention plan and navigating the school system.


This assessment is not diagnostic testing to determine special education eligibility. Nor is it a neuropsych evaluation. Rather, this assessment determines the exact skills your child has and does not have related to decoding, fluency, spelling, and written expression. This assessment also helps us understand your child’s personality, temperament, and attitude towards reading and writing. We want to know them as a learner and as a person. We would love to read an IEP, special education testing from school, or neuropsych testing if you have them.