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Book Worms’ Book Club

Students are invited to join a themed book club and experience the joy of chit-chatting about literature.

Book clubs are arranged based on interest from you, our community of learners. Teachers at the studio are available to create a book club based on your child’s age, interests, or reading level. Please reach out to us to get one started. Note, children will not be made to read aloud or write about their reading during book club. The purpose of this group is to nurture a love of reading through conversation and creative activities.


1 – 8


4 – 10


$35 for each 75 minute class, charged monthly.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will explore vocabulary from the book, notice the writer’s voice, identify themes within the text, be exposed to the elements of different genres, and fall in love with fictional characters and settings.

  • Depending on the book, we will discuss characterization, plot development, and techniques used by the author.

Book Club Routine

  • Families are responsible for getting a copy of the book.

  • The groups can go across grade levels. For example, there could be a “grades 4-5” book club.

  • During the time leading up to our meeting, students may read the book on their own, share reading responsibility with a parent, or listen to an audio book. It is ok for a student to join a book club even if the material is too hard to read on their own. As long as the content is comprehensible, they are welcome to join. This is a great opportunity for those who struggle with decoding and fluency to experience the wonder of sharing a great book with friends.

  • Students will have one month to read the book. When we meet in person we will share our reactions, our connections, and our questions. At each session students will choose to engage in either art, writing, or drama to share their personal impressions from the book.

cohasset learning studio library
cohasset learning studio library
cohasset learning studio library

View our calendar to see upcoming book clubs.

Don’t see a date that works for you? Contact us to start one.